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Speech Inspiration, PLLC

Welcome to Speech Inspiration, PLLC You Found yOUR Speech Therapist!

Welcome to Speech Inspiration, PLLC You Found yOUR Speech Therapist!

Welcome to Speech Inspiration, PLLC You Found yOUR Speech Therapist!Welcome to Speech Inspiration, PLLC You Found yOUR Speech Therapist!

ALERT! Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

This page was last updated 3/13/2020

Speech Inspiration, PLLC remains committed to supporting the health and vitality of the children we serve and to work with you and your child in the safest manner possible. To protect the safety and well-being of everyone we serve, we have decided to cease in-office speech therapy, replacing this method of delivery with teletherapy in order to minimize your child’s exposure to transmittable disease. Although we understand that this may be disappointing to some of you, we know that speech therapy provided via teletherapy can be just as effective if not more effective, because of its increased parent involvement and the use of motivating technology.

What is Teletherapy?

·  Live, real-time interaction between the client and therapist

·  Video and audio based instruction

·  Synchronous transmission

·  Videoconferencing

·  Sharing computer programs, apps, and documents in real time

Benefits of Teletherapy?

·  You and your child are not exposed to unnecessary infectious disease transmissions

· Parent involvement is strengthened

· Technology use is motivating for the child

·  The child is more engaged because of parent engagement and the use of technology

·  Access is achieved anywhere where you have an internet connection

· Saves parent time and there is no driving to appointments

Things to Know About Teletherapy

·  Teletherapy follows Texas laws, rules, and regulations and HIPPA guidelines governing service delivery and the maintenance of client records including confidentiality.

· Teletherapy follows the same billing and documentation procedures as an in-person visit.  There are no additional fees or charges for this change in service delivery. 

·  The scope, nature and quality of services provided via teletherapy are the same as that provided during in-person sessions by the therapist.

· Your child’s visit will be coded as a teletherapy visit with insurance billing.

· You receive an electronic meeting reminder for each teletherapy session scheduled.

·  For younger children, you will need to participate with your child during these sessions.

We realize this is a trying time for all, and our thoughts are with all of you and your family as you negotiate these disruptive changes in your work and personal lives due to this public health emergency. We at Speech Inspiration, PLLC are committed to service continuity and to providing services that will support the growth of our students.  Speech Inspiration continually monitors the situation as it evolves; regularly reviewing with federal, state, and local agencies for updates; and staying abreast of all the latest developments from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Stay safe and healthy.

Jeanene M. Johnson, M.S. CCC-SLP

Managing Director and Speech-Language Pathologist

Speech Inspiration,  PLLC

Services Provided


Evaluation Services


  • Comprehensive speech-sound evaluation 
  • Comprehensive speech-language evaluation
  • Comprehensive language and literacy evaluation (Dyslexia)
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder evaluation
  • Social Communication Disorder evaluation
  • Stuttering and/or prosody  evaluation
  • Swallowing and/or feeding evaluation
  • Academic classroom speech and language observation
  • Preschool speech-language screenings
  • Hearing screening 

Evaluation Process

  • The evaluation process is lengthy so as to capture all aspects of your child's performance.  Evaluations take anywhere from 1 to 4 hours depending on the number of areas investigated.
  • Your child's evaluation will be conducted over a series of several sessions so that the volume of tests can be accommodated and your child's attention span optimized.
  • The initial evaluation session is scheduled for an hour, which will include a clinical interview with you as the parent(s).
  • Subsequent evaluation sessions are scheduled for 30 minute increments in order to complete the evaluation. Your child's total evaluation time can be estimated at the end of the first session. 
  • The evaluation fee includes a review of your child's records, the parent clinical review, all tests administered, test analysis, report writing, development of a plan of care and results reporting.
  • On-site academic observation can be included in your child's evaluation as an additional option.  
  • All language evaluations include a comprehensive analysis of your child's language.  An outside transcription service is utilized to transcribe your child's language sample.
  • Questionnaires are provided to elicit you and your child's teacher(s') observations about your child's speech and language abilities.
  • With your permission, results can be shared with your child's physician(s), teacher(s) and school speech-language pathologist.
  • Some insurance plans require a physician order and a pre-authorization for a speech and/or language evaluation and therapy.  If required, we will obtain the pre-authorization and/or physician order for your child.
  • All intake documents must be received by Speech Inspiration prior to setting the first evaluation appointment.

Speech Therapy

  • Speech Therapy sessions are offered based on your child's needs that were identified in your child's evaluation.  
  • Parent(s) are highly encouraged to participate and/or observe their child during the therapy session.
  • Home practice sets are developed and customized for your child using Quizlet, a web-based application.  Quizlet is updated throughout the course of your child's therapy session.


  •  Do you offer telepractice speech therapy services?  Yes.  I can provide telepractice services only in Texas because that is where I am licensed. 
  • How often should my child be evaluated for speech and/or language?  Generally, insurance companies ask for an evaluation yearly.  On rare occasions, I may evaluate specific areas more often.
  • Do you accept an evaluation from my child's school speech-language pathologist?  It depends.  If the evaluation provides enough detail as to the child's strengths and weaknesses and the evaluation is conducted within the current year, then I would consider accepting their evaluation and beginning with implementing their goals as identified in their IEP.