Who We Serve

Autism Spectrum Disorder


We can evaluate in coordination with other providers for your concerns about your child for an autism spectrum disorder.  Our speech and language modalities include Video Modeling, Cognitive Therapy, Social Stories, Social Narratives, Social Thinking, Situation-Options-Consequences- Choices- Strategies- Simulation (SOCCSS), Social Autopsies and  Cartooning.

Down Syndrome and Other Genetic Disorders


Children with Down syndrome and other genetic disorders face a myriad of communication issues as they develop.  At Speech Inspiration, we provide a comprehensive evaluation of your child's speech, language, feeding/swallowing, fluency and social communication abilities so that their speech and language therapy is customized based on their current development.  Life skills, speech intelligibility, social communication  and language and  literacy  are emphasized during their speech therapy sessions.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)


Social communication and/or pragmatic language disorders are the hallmark of a child with ADHD.  These students face tremendous challenges, not only in their daily relationships, but also because few professionals understand their core difficulties.  The social cognitive deficit of a child with ADHS is the most abstract of all learning disabilities.  Children with ADHD can be very bright but yet be awkward in the presence of others, have difficulty with certain class work, struggle with initiating and maintaining friendships and be picked on by peers for not fitting in.  At Speech Inspiration, we assess for Theory of Mind, the deeper complex knowledge and provide treatment focused on how to successfully interact with others.

Childhood Apraxia of Speech Disorders and Other Speech Sound Disorders



Speech Inspiration addresses all types of speech disorders: anatomic or sensory (tongue tie or Ankyloglossia, hearing loss), motoric (Dysarthria (slurred speech)  and Childhood Apraxia of Speech), perceptual ( Articulation Disorder or Phonological Disorder), phonetic (articulation disorder) and phonemic (Phonological Disorder).  

Children with speech sound disorders and specifically, Childhood Apraxia of Speech are at high risk for phonological processing and syntactic difficulties, which are highly correlated with word decoding, spelling, reading comprehension, and written language difficulties.  Because we know that 50% of children with Childhood Apraxia of Speech encounter later academic difficulties in language, reading and spelling, Speech Inspiration incorporates a language and literacy approach to your child's evaluation and  therapy.

Stuttering and/or Prosody Disorders


It is well known that stuttering disorders can affect social relationships, academic performance and even career selection.  At Speech Inspiration, we utilized an approach that emphasizes continuous phonation so that you or your child can learn to monitor their speech to help them produce stutter-free speech.

Language and Literacy (Dyslexia) Disorders


At Speech Inspiration, we treat language and literacy disorders seriously and any impairment or delay in language and literacy abilities can result in reduced academic performance and limited social relationships.   Deficits with language and literacy can affect reading, writing, math, pronouncing words, organization and comprehension.  We view dyslexia as a language-based learning disability.