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Speech Inspiration, PLLC

Welcome to Speech Inspiration, PLLC You Found yOUR Speech Therapist!

Welcome to Speech Inspiration, PLLC You Found yOUR Speech Therapist!

Welcome to Speech Inspiration, PLLC You Found yOUR Speech Therapist!Welcome to Speech Inspiration, PLLC You Found yOUR Speech Therapist!


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My name is Carrie Matthews and several years ago my special needs daughter started seeing Jeanene Johnson for speech therapy after a friend told me about the great progress her child had made since beginning her sessions with Jeanene. I was thrilled! This was a referral that I desperately needed for my daughter and my expectations have been exceeded and beyond! My daughter looks forward to every session and runs to the car when I announce that we're going to see Ms. Jeanene. Somehow Ms. Jeanene turns the work into play and gets more results, and has made a greater impact, than any other person who has ever interacted with my child. So much so that my friends and I have affectionately dubbed her "The Speech Whisperer". I couldn't be happier with the results and would highly recommend her innovative services to anyone in need! 

Carrie Matthews, Mother


My daughter, who has Down syndrome, has worked with Jeanene for two years and Jeanene’s approach is brilliant and innovative.  Jeanene is passionate about all populations but she has a special gift when working with individuals with special needs.  She is patient beyond measure but unrelenting in working toward goals.  She organizes the time in a way that immediately engages and motivates her clients.  I frequently participated in the sessions and found that I learned as much as my daughter which allowed me to reinforce the strategies outside of our time with Jeanene.  

Jeanene Johnson is a dedicated professional who combines her extensive knowledge of speech and language therapy with her zeal for helping others succeed.  This results in her clients learning and growing without even realizing it in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.  Jeanene tailors every session to help the individual meet his/her objectives.  She works tirelessly to help the client achieve success, celebrates with them when they meet milestones and encourages and boosts their confidence all the while.  She's the Speech Whisperer!"

Charmoin Tatum, Mother


Our teenage son has been a client of Jeanene Johnson, Speech Inspiration, for two years.  Initially, he started due to his inability to speak without vocal chord pain.  Jeanene worked with the diagnoses of my son's ENT's and allergist to form a treatment plan.  Our son also has a stutter, and continues to work with Jeanene to improve his speech.  My husband and I have been pleased with the treatment methods, open communication and improvement of my son's speaking ability.  We would highly recommend Jeanene Johnson, Speech Inspiration, for thoughtful and effective speech therapy services."

JKS and LMS., Parents



About Us


Populations We Serve

Populations We Serve

Populations We Serve

  • Accent Modification
  • Ankyloglossia a.k.a. "tongue tie"
  • Articulation Delay or Disorders
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS)
  • Down syndrome and other Genetic Disorders
  • Dysarthria (Pediatric)
  • Intellectual Disability
  • Language and Literacy Disorders including Dyslexia
  • Late Language Emergence
  • Learning Disorders
  • Pediatric Swallowing and Feeding Disorders
  • Pragmatic Language Disorders
  • Social Communication Disorders
  • Speech Sound Disorders: Articulation and Phonology
  • Spoken Language Disorders
  • Stuttering and/or Prosody Disorders
  • Voice Disorders (e.g. Vocal Nodules, Hoarseness)
  • Written Language Disorders


Only the Best

Populations We Serve

Populations We Serve

Conveniently located in Sienna Plantation, Missouri City, Texas, Ms. Johnson is a solo speech therapist/speech pathologist providing speech therapy for complex pediatric speech, language and literacy disorders.  


See the Difference

Populations We Serve

See the Difference

  • Individual and customized therapy
  • School observations  to assess your child's speech and language performance in the classroom
  • Parent involvement in therapy sessions
  • Individual client portal for you to access all of your child's speech and language records
  • Services provided in a home-office atmosphere
  • Coordination of care with other healthcare providers and school(s) professionals
  • Customized and individualized home practice program

Our Partners


Childhood Apraxia of Speech and Speech Sound Disorders

 We offer comprehensive evaluation and treatment for speech sound disorders such as Childhood Apraxia of Speech, phonological disorders, tongue tie Ankyloglossia) and developmental articulation delays.  Let us know how we can help your child?


Language and Literacy (Dyslexia) Disorders

We evaluate for a language-based learning disability when there are problems with accurate or fluent word recognition, poor language organization, weak vocabulary, poor syntax, poor decoding and spelling abilities.  Let our speech therapist know how we can help your child?


Autism Spectrum Disorder, Social Communication and Pragmatic Disorders

We can evaluate your child's speech and language abilities as early as 18 months for your concerns regarding an autism spectrum disorder.  We coordinate our findings with neuropsychologists, developmental pediatricians, educational diagnosticians and/or psychologists to assure a balanced view of your child.  Let us know how we can help your child?

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