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Speech Inspiration, PLLC

Welcome to Speech Inspiration, PLLC You Found yOUR Speech Therapist!

Welcome to Speech Inspiration, PLLC You Found yOUR Speech Therapist!

Welcome to Speech Inspiration, PLLC You Found yOUR Speech Therapist!Welcome to Speech Inspiration, PLLC You Found yOUR Speech Therapist!

Billing and Insurance


Insurance Plans Accepted

Speech Inspiration, PLLC accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas and United Healthcare Insurance Plans.  If you are on one of these plans, we will bill your payor.  

Our speech therapist does not participate in Medicaid or Medicare plans at this time.

Out-of-network Coverage

Many plans provide for out-of-network speech therapy benefits.  Check with your insurance plan to find out their reimbursement policy on speech therapy.  We will work with your payor if they require pre-authorization for speech therapy.  

Speech Inspiration will provide you a monthly statement that  you can submit to your payor for reimbursement. Your monthly statement will contain all the necessary information for you to submit a claim.

Payment Policy

Speech Inspiration, PLLC accepts either cash or personal check.  We do not accept credit cards or Paypal at this time.

Payment is due at the time of the visit.  For your initial visit, we will estimate your costs based on your insurnace plan.

Cancellation/No Show Policy

 Non-emergency cancellations require a 24 hours' notice. Non-emergencies include vacations, preplanned medical appointments, family events, parties, sports events, lack of babysitter etc. 30 minute sessions not cancelled with 24 hours' notice in non-emergent situations will be charged a no-show non-reimbursable $50.00 fee.  

Emergency cancellations are accepted only for illness, illness of a family member, death in the family or severe weather. Emergency cancellations must be cancelled prior to the appointment. There is no charge for an emergency cancellation.

If your child exceeds an overall cancellation rate of 25 percent or higher, you will receive a written notice that your child’s slot is in jeopardy, especially if your child does not schedule or attend make-up sessions. A cancellation of greater than 25% may result in therapy dismissal. This policy includes emergency and non-emergency cancellations alike.


Speech Inspiration, PLLC encourages make-up sessions for cancelled therapy appointments so that your child’s progress achieved is not negatively affected. 


  • If Speech Inspiration is an in-network provider, how much do I pay?  When Speech Inspiration is a contracted provider and you have not met your deductible, you will pay the allowable rate negotiated between your payor and Speech Inspiration until your deductible has been satisfied.  The allowable rate is the amount the payor has negotiated with Speech Inspiration for that particular service.   If you have met your deductible, you will either pay the co-insurance or co-pay amount depending upon your plan.
  • What if my insurance plan denies coverage for speech therapy?    Speech Inspiration will work with you to appeal your case with the payor.  In the interim, if your child continues care, your child will be classified as self-pay.
  • Since you are verifying my child's insurance coverage, should I also contact my insurance company to verify coverage and reimbursement?  Absolutely yes!   You are encouraged to check with your insurance directly to inquire about what is covered on your specific plan. 
  • Why did my insurance company deny services for my child when I have a speech therapy benefit?  Just because you have a speech therapy benefit does not mean that your child's services will be covered.  The payor has strict medical review policies that govern  which diagnoses are covered in their plans and your child's diagnoses may have fallen outside of their guidelines.  Please review your payor's website to review the speech therapy plan guidelines.